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CPX-CLX-CBX-CVX-MV Vacuum Contactors
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CPX, CLX, CBX, CVX-MV Vacuum Contactors

This proven range of vacuum contactors offers the best solution to suit the MV feeders for industrial projects. They have a fast switching rate and a long mechanical life. Fitted with an electronic auxiliary supply control device, CBX and CLX provides an energy efficient solution.

The design and contact materials fulfil the general requirements for the applications of motor contactor starters, transformeRS or capacitor bank feeders (Inc. back-to-back installations) in various industrial sectors.
CPX – the most compact design for 3.6 kV applications. The low energy use for its operation allows the use of an ingenious combination of parallel and serial supply for closing coil as an economic circuit.
Slimline CLX, offering front access to terminals, for motor starters up to 7.2 kV.
CBX has a cubic arrangement for 7.2 kV and 12 kV applications and is available with single or three-phase. A mechanical see & do between two contactors is available for motor reverse applications.
The CLX & CBX contactors come with electronic auxiliary supply (EAS) as standard equipment.
CVX-Up to 12kV, capable for inductive and capacitive load type, and fuse holders are available. The withdrawable type is equipped with trolley and can be adapted with panels by specified cradles.
Meets or exceeds international standards.

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