PT. Kawi Agung Kencana


PT. Kawi Agung Kencana

Welcome to PT. Kawi Agung Kencana. We are a company that established since 1979 engaged in industrial MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker), Schneider MCB, Contactors, MCCB (Moulded Case Circuit Breaker), Schneider Contactors, Schneider MCCB. We were in Jl. Lobak No. 11 - 20153. Discover the variety of our best products (Produk Schneider, Kabel Listrik, Mitsubishi Electric, Kapasitor Listrik, Panel Listrik, Distributor Resmi Schneider) with quality and the best price you can get.


Pt. Kawi Agung Kencana, Established Since 1979, We Are Engaged In Electrical. We Are Here To Meet The Needs Of Components And Electrical Equipment Industry And Housing, As Well As Provide Solus And Maximum Efficiency To Consumers.

We Have A Team Of Experienced Sales Marketing Ranging From Aceh Darussalam Province Nangro, West Sumatra, To The Province Of Riau. We Were Given Credence By Pt. Schneider Indonesia As A Generalist Distributor For The Region Of Northern Sumatra.

Our Company Is Also Believed By Pt. Schneider Indonesia As An Authorized Service Center (Services Service) To Consumers, Supported By A Sales Engineer Who Has Been Certified By Schneider Electric, Equipped With The Tools To Test Air Circuit Breaker (Acb) Or Moulded Case Circuit Are Breaker. We Are Ready To Provide Maximum Service To Consumers.

Pt. Kawi Agung Kencana Is Believed To Be A Distributor Of Some Other Electrical Equipment, Such As:

- Mitsubishi Electrical-Component
- Jembo Industrial Cable
- Praba Building Cable
- Eye Iwasaki Lighting Industry,
- Electric Chain Hoist-Nitchi
- Tend Control Swith
- Kss-Accessories Panel
- Panasonic & Wahana Steel Conduit Pipe And Accessories
- He Has Declared Enamail Wre
- Vishay And Shizuki Power Capacitor
- Saci Switchboard Measuring Instruments
- Connectwell Rail Mounting, Terminals, Connectors And Accessories
- Mh Electrical Protection Relays, Filter Reactors, Transformers
Uticon, Loyal Electrical Accessories, And
- Panasonic Wiring Devices


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